Sergio Verde has studied Fine Arts in Bilbao and Sheffield. His professional activity has been developed in the field of photography, photo retouching, video and graphic design. It was in 2016 with the commission of a cover for a book that he founded his way to channel his interest in visual communication and the pleasure of generating concepts through image, which was something that, until this moment, he only developed it in his personal and artistic projects.


The conceptual illustrations he develops for both publishing and advertising: book covers, cultural communication, etc… and for his personal projects have a poetic language that nourish from surrealism where he uses the symbolic capacity of objects, which he manipulates with the intention of creating a minimal disorder that brings out a kind of reality hidden in the appearance of things.


He develops these visual ideas through a style where he combines 3d images with real image of encountered objects that takes photos of and manipulates it looking for those unusual findings.


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